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7:43pm November 14th]

hi there i stole this from sossy_babie . i thought it was cool so yea . fill it out :] xox <3</span>

♥A friend not on my friend's list that you think I'd like:
♥Three absolutely random things [anything] about yourself:
♥A picture of yourself:

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4:39pm November 13th]
hey at alex's house so i'm updating a little bit . um yesterday we saw saw scariest movie ever. it really was like holy smokes . tonight were going to parnes than i'm sleeping at alex's house ....again . with brooke bailey and sosner . sosner i love u dont feel bad about shit . ur so great i love u muchos . xo dustin was supposed to go to parnes but he didnt because hes a big loser . no kidding .. well i'm really not but i still love him . anywho . parnes should be fun tonight . oh ! joey is going . so thats cool . ahh i <3 my boyfriend . hes a cool kid . alrighte well i'm out . haha i said i'm out . wooo funnay . alright i love dustin <33 [ and alex of course oh yea and brooke and bailey . but thats only because i get twin sex from them ] ok now xo

ALEX WRiTiNG: well at the moment i am attacking sarah with my elbow. today we called dustin numerous times and we just didnt say anything and listened to him be retarted lol it was seriouslyl the most amusing thing in the whole entire world. hes an interesting fellow. me and sarah find the simplest things so amusing. then she cooked me like giant pancake cookies and they tasted like shiat. we used soo much milk and like half a bottle of olive oil. sarahs fucing insane. faggotttttt...............FUCERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrr. dustin go die. i have a hairy nostril. shes pciing her nose with her toes.. HEY THAT RYHMES! anywho. i love jimmy :] he drives me insane in the membrane. haha funny kids we are. ok imna go now i love sarah and the hot twins and jimmy im obsessed..but thats not the point. ok sosner coming to my house soon xoxoxox :] i luver u jimmy sarah twins and everyone else.
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9:51am November 6th]
my sister just left ahh i miss her . lol . shes leaving for 2 weeks and that really sucks but i hope she has fun . ok well this week and this weekend ahead is gonna be like amazing !!!!!!!! omg

ok thursday - was pep day . so alex and i were like spazzing lol we brought like everything . i made shirts . we had glitter, ribbon, hair stuff, make up. haha it was fun ! the last game was that night we won . everyone was there. thursday i hurt myself sooo bad in pe. i bruised my shin . i have this big ass bruise on it . haha . sexy right ? haha

friday - ok this was homecoming pep day . so first we had the parade . then we had the pep rally . so that was fun . actually it was gay cause there was like no pep ? haha . but yea anywho there was this car . and its for the west minster game . and u get to beat it up with a sledge hammer . haha so my friend mango made me try it so i take the thing and i miss and hit my foot ! haha yea but than i got a couple of more hits . lol it was fun . k than that night ! omgggg so much fun at mykonos everyone was there for stephs party . lol . alex and i were dancing and sweatin like men . haha . haha . yea but omg we were dancing on tables ahh so much fun . than the entire night everyone was like omg that guy is so hott . this guy with no shirt on huge ! muscles . he was so hot . haha . he was like 20 tho . and all the guys were like drooling over the belly dancer. haha. anyways after practically everyone was gone . with only alex s. steph and i left . i was dancing alone on this one table and the guy comes up and dances with me i'm like ahhhhhh . lol he was so hottt he was like rolling on me . i was like wow . haha and steph and alex are like sarah we have to goo i'm like guys i'm dancing lol ha . it was funny . alright-e i'm gonna go now . steph i love u happy birthday had sooo much fun . xoxo <33 sarah
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" dont tell me the skys the limit . when theres footprints on the moon " [Tuesday
6:50pm October 26th]
[ mood | pissed off ]

alright well my moms bipolar cause she said i couldnt sleep at stephs house when seriously yesterday she said i could . so whatever . thats gay . and i dno if i can even leave on halloween . wtf is that shit . i decided to be a fairy for halloween i cant fucking decide . ahh . i really wanna go to a TBS concert with Dan but i cant go now either . ah what the hell. masi thanks for listening to everything lol i dno what i'd without u. and also i have a fucking D in spanish . spanish ! allo . i'm spanish . what is that craziness. my rooms a mess . allergies suck . and ahhh . lol . i dno why but i feel like saying hi to sosner randomly . alex i love u !! and ur amazing . and we need to hang out !! . but we will halloween . if i can go that is haha . alright well yea . i'm done now . oh people please continue leaving ur numbers as comments for my phone :] thanks . xoxox <3 sarah

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in history [Thursday
9:30am October 21st]
in history class . chillaxing . when i should do homework but i will in like 5 minutes. um tomorrow i'm going to alex's house and we might go to maxies hizouse . should be fun . HOLY CRAP i GOT A NEXTEL !! so do me a favor and leave me ur number so i can put ur number in my phone =] . oh and also leave me ideas for new layout ideas . and i'll credit for the idea if i decide to do it =] thanks . alright well davids touching me lol that silly boy . shermans next to me too . i love these kids . haha alright well bailey and i perfected our handstands yesterday and we prob will again today . my twins gave me my birthday present today lol there reefs and underwear . i love it ! tomorrow alex and i will prob go to the beach and iws and chillaxe i'm getting those dickie skirts and shorts . johnny muhaha promised he'd give me the damn new used CD but he didnt . damn him . no kidding . i knew him before he was famous . and jordan . and alex . and everyone ! lol . u guys better give me the hook up 8] . hah . alright well i'm gonna go now . gotta do english homework xoxo
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10:16pm October 18th]
watching grind . dont feel like typing . need to do hw . xoxo __
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RiP jAMES PEGlOW [Wednesday
8:32pm October 13th]
yea lifes really fucking short . God bless him and his family .

today was a weird day i'm gonna go now though . please people pray for him . he didnt deserve that shit . thanks xo
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8:50am October 10th]

just woke up . this weekend was amazing lol i had fun . friday- it was my birthday and i got like 26 balloons at school but like my friends popped like 25 of them . yea . assholes . lol i got over that fast .and alex. bailey . maxie . kelsey came home with me but brooke. tessa and sosner  met me at my house before the movies .than friday night we all went to the movies . and the ticket situation was really pissing me off . lol i was in this state of panic . cause like josh steven and dustin couldnt get in . and like yea i really wanted dustin there and steven josh are like my best friends so yea thats simple . steph and jaz met us there and paige, johnny, matt, ryan and mick and yea people ryan and matt are so funny lol . thanks for the gift guys lol . than yea we all went home and we're talking about lesbian situations lol that was funny . k than we came inside and ate and stuff like that . alex bailey and i fell asleep so fast lol it was like wow . we fell asleep in the big chair . hah and everyone else went to bed around like 4 . calling random people on alex's cell phone. lol . k well yea everyone left around 12 . @ 2 i went home with steph to a singing lesson . tht was fun . lol omg shes so cool . i'm going . haha . OH WHEN WE WERE LEAViNG WE SAW A DiP AND DOTS STORE ! it was crazy k lol anyways we went to stephs and watched halloween town 2 hah and watch her little sister . oh i'm babysitting her next week and than we made a bracelet and ate sushi and cookies lol . my mom picked me up around 9 . and i fell asleep pretty fast and for some reason i'm up at like 8:45 alright ima go . ttyl xoxoxo <3

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another damn quiz ! [Sunday
2:33pm October 3rd]
Single or Taken: single

Sex: female

Age: 14 in 5 days

Place of Birth: coral springs, FL

Sign: libra

Parents: elina and bob

Hair color: brown

Eye color: brown

Writing Hand: right

Shoe: 6 i think

Height: 5'2

Current Residence: coral springs

Nervous Habits: hm what

Do you bite your nails? yeah

Are you double jointed? no

Can you raise one eyebrow at a time: no

Can you blow smoke rings? never tryed

Can you blow spit bubbles? no

Can you flare your nostrils? yes

Can you cross your eyes? yes

Piercings and where? 2 in each ear

Who is your best friend? alex. brooke. bailey

Who do u hangout with ? alex. brooke. bailey. the guys. steph. alex. & jaz

Crush? yes

Do you swear? yes

Do you explode? yes

Do you say please, thank you, you're welcome...? yes =]

Do you curse at your parents? @ them ? no . in a convo i might

Where is your favorite place to shop: hard question . sephora lol alex

Shampoo: brilliant brunette or something

On the average, how much money do you carry in your purse/wallet? hm depends where i'm goin like 10 - 30 on average

What's sexiest on a guy: polo shirts and jeans

What's the physical biggest turn on: smile. abbs

Would you rather be on time and look OK or 10 minutes late and look great? i hate being late and it depends where i was goin . to a party ? prob 10 min late and look great

Favorite Piece of Clothing: no idea

Pajamas: plaid

Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? twirl

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: chocolate

How many cereals in your cabinet? uh for me ? 1

What's your favorite beverage? h2o

What's your favorite restaurant(s)? baja fresh is cool . been there 1 time tho

Do you cook? for fun . not like to survive . mommy does that =]

How often do you brush your teeth? twice a day? 2 times a day

How often do you shower/bathe? if i'm at alex's house 3 times like every 6 hrs lol . otherwise twice a day

Hair drying method: dry naturally

Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair? nope

If that fountain of youth existed, would you drink from it? no. i wanna get older and get wiser but being like 80 would suck

Do you paint your nails? yes !


Favorite color: blue

Number: 4

Food: spagetti

Boy names: anthony. christian. aiden

Girl names: leigh. and uh i dno

Subjects in school: math

Animals: tiger . puppies

Game(s): hailo sucks steven haha no jay kay . um 007 = classic

Month: october

Day: saturday

Cartoon: jimmy neutron

Flower: pink or yellow roses

Shoe Brand: nike or vans

Person to talk to: many

Sport to watch: football !!!!!!

Body part on you: i hate it . ew

Body part on the opposite sex: abbs . and uh arms

TV show(s): boy meets world. real world. and i dno

Holiday/celebrations: halloween and christmas

Book: interview with the vampire

Vacationing Spot: puerto rico

Perfume or Cologne: whatever smells good ?

Model (Male or Female): male


Person you talk most on the phone with: lately prob dustin

Ever taken a cab? nope

What color is your bedroom? ugly yellow

Do you use an alarm clock? no

Name one thing you are obsessed with: one thing ? football

Have you ever skinny-dipped? haha . kinda

Window seat or aisle?: if i'm tired window otherwise aisle

What's your sleeping position? side

What kind of bed do you like? big ones ;-] no just joshin ya .. um soft ones ?

Even in hot weather do you use a blanket? no fucking way

Do you snore? no

Do you sleepwalk? i have lol haha

Do you talk in your sleep? i have

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? yes

How about with the light on? no

Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on? tv

Coke or Pepsi? pepsi

Oranges or apples? apples

One pillow or two? two

Deaf or blind? deaf

Pools or hot tubs? pools day . hot tub night

Blondes or brunettes? brunettes

Tall or short? tall

TV or radio? tv

Beach or pool? beach

Tic-Tacs or Certs? certs

Snooze button or jump out of bed? snooze

Sunrise or Sunset? sunrise

Hamburger or Cheeseburger? burgers sicken me

Morning or night? night

Sports or news? news depress me

Indoors or outdoors? outdoors

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? christmas day

Cake or ice cream? ice cream

Bert or Ernie? bert

Spicy or Mild? spicy

Spearmint or Peppermint? peppermint

Call or Write? write

Peanut Butter or Jelly? peanut butter

Hamburger or Hot Dog? hot dog

Bath or shower? shower

Book or Movie? movie

Green or Red apple? green

Rain or Snow? rain

Nike or Adidas? nike

Took a shower:this morning

Watched Bambi: woah long time

Talked on the phone? like an hr ago with the twins

Who was the last person you called? twins

Read a book? summer

Punched someone? hm prob last night jokin around

Where do you see yourself in ten years? college in CA

Who are you going to be married to? why would i kno

How many kids? 2

Your profession: writer or shrienk

Future School: University of California, LA

Car of Your Dreams: 1958 jaguar convertable roadster

Where are you living?: new york or CA

Do you do drugs: no

What are you most scared of? sharks

What are you listening to right now?: nothing my AC

Where do you want to get married: on the beach

How many messenger people do you have on your buddy list: uh what

Given anyone a bath: my little cousin

Bungee jumped: not yet

Broken the law: yeah

Made yourself throw-up: yea

Gone skinny-dipping: u asked this right?

Been in love: i thought i was

Made yourself cry to get out of trouble: no


Red: stop

Cow: moo

Socks: toe socks

Greenland: forest

Do you like filling these out? no . bordness does it to u
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12:02pm October 2nd]
[ mood | relaxed ]

ali's bat today . wearing this cool blue dress which will prob look ugly but eh what can ya do . i have no fucking clue when or where it is. but i'm goin anyways . i talked to dustin til like 2 last night . psh silly kid . OMG ! last night was so fun . SHARK TALE KiCKS ASS !!! lol steph and i were so into the movie . were like woahhh . lol . "he lost his arms and legs and now hes a little nub.... please have mercy!" lol hah . funny times . sorry i couldnt sleep over kels. i love u so much . libras rock =] 6 days until my birthday . i'm prob just gonna have everyone meet at deerfield . so thats cool . alright well ima go . need to workout . ttyl xoxo <3 sarah

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6:12pm October 1st]
The \\
Last Cigarette:never had one
Last Alcoholic Drink:uh thursday
Last Car Ride:about 2 hrs ago
Last Good Cry:i have no idea
Last Library Book:yea .. ok
Last book bought:The A List
Last Book Read:The chocolate War
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:uhh . i know this . CELLULAR !
Last Movie Rented:no idea
Last Cuss Word Uttered:fuck
Last Beverage Drank:iced latte
Last Food Consumed:uh french fries
Last Phone Call:kelsey
Last TV Show Watched:winnie the pooh
Last Time Showered:this morning
Last Shoes Worn:fake berkonstocks
Last CD Played:avril lavigne
Last Item Bought:iced latte
Last Download:smashing pumpkins
Last Annoyance:my cell phones alarm
Last Disappointment:to many
Last Soda Drank:yesterday
Last Thing Written:dermetologist people
Last Key Used:car key . moms
Last Words Spoken:singing to a song . so everyword of take me away
Last Sleep:last night ?
Last Ice Cream Eaten:uh.. hm i dno
Last Chair Sat In:desk chair
Last Webpage Visited:livejournal.com

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11:24pm September 28th]
[ mood | bitchy ]

wow . guys suck ass . lol no kidding . i dont care that much anymore . i have this test tomrrow in spanish . and i'm gonna fail . great ! today i went home with jaz . it was so much i love u so much . we need to be together more often lol . frankie rocks !! nbp real world . josh !!! lol . ima go to bed now people . picture day tomorrow =] xoxo <33 sarah

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11:20pm September 25th]
[ mood | headache ]

k its about the 3rd time i've changed my layout just today . hurricanes here . sucks . yesterday i went to stephs house and hung out . " i'm having a couple of cool people over and u better be one of them biotch" - um ur cool . lol steph . funny times . lol steph, jaz and i's convo today ..... intresting lol . i love u guys . wow i've been confused as hell lately . alright well ima go . talk to everyone later xoxo

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6:53pm September 20th]
kk well . lately i've been doing really good lol . last week we had thursday and friday off . [ jew week ] lol . and i went to alexs house and stayed there til friday night lol . we had so much fun . we went to the beach everyday that weekend . haha we met turner and roman there ! i met roman !! lol was excited yea so they spent the ngiht on wed . thursday woke up and went to iws and beach and ish . that was fun except these twins that we're were gonna drown under the peir =] . i dno for some reason they dont like b&b and alex . and those are my lovers and yea so their gay lol . so yea . that night mick o laus slept at alexs house that night and we went baja fresh . fun stuff !!! than friday morning . delray house with the crew . fun stuff . skimboarding galore . lol . jimmy and his friends stopped by .. jOE WAS SO HOTT !!!!!! holy crap . lol . i love when alex and i have our talks lol . guys are sooo .. wow . gay no i just dno what to do . what alex one and two have been saying . yea guys have this expectation of u .. and i dno i dont give head or anything cause oh i dno .. i have respect for myself ? . anywho in naughy news : sal and jay i love u both muchos . everything will be cool i promise . vanessa ...... i love u . lol . girls suck dude . i was at the mall today . i relized i dont like girls . like seriously i just .. no . hate em . haha . right now i'm having a late night convo with dan the man . fun ish . its 10:25 and i havent done shit of homework . i was thinkin today . alot of people last year used to talk so much shit about me and i dno if they still do but wow that would just suck wouldnt it . hah . the friends i do have thought i really hope they really dont say anything bad . alright well i'm out xoxo
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2:01pm September 12th]

north carolina is in 3 days !!!


i'm so excited ! alex i cant wait . crazy times waiting to happen . um yesterday i had one act . so much fun .. than steph and i went back to her house that was awesome . STEPH WE SHOULD OF ASKED F0R A NAME !!! lol . yea well me and her talked for like an hr on her bed than went to starbucks and than to prep connection . STEPH !! were starting a trend lol . after the trend making we went back to her house and ordered from rotelli's lol and the hottest delievery boy delivered ahha .. "what did he say?" "he whisteled" - lol love u stephanie . um friday i went home with alex and went to the movies . cellular was awesome !! sosner ure the best lol . bff .

i havent to talked to my lover in a long time . r-tard call me !! <3 sarah

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1:17am September 12th]
How to make a sarah

3 parts competetiveness

5 parts silliness

5 parts beauty
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of lustfulness
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1:44am September 4th]
around here . tired . hurricane isnt coming ? yea . .

" i dream of a love that time will even lay down and be still for "
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quiz for u / comment [Tuesday
7:47pm August 31st]
» I died from suicide:
» I said I liked you:
» I kissed you:
» I lived next door to you:
» I started smoking:
» I stole something:
» I was hospitalized:
» I ran away from home:
» I got into a fight and you weren't there:
» I started cutting myself:

» Personality:
» Eyes:
» Face:
» Hair:
» Clothes:
» Mannerisms:
» Family:

» Be my friend?:
» Have sex with me?
» Lie to make me feel better?:
» Spread rumors about me?:
» Keep a secret if I told you one?:
» Loan me some cash?:
» Hold my hand?:
» Take a bullet for me?:
» Keep in touch?:
» Try and solve my problems?:
» Love me?:
» Date me?:
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stolen idea from dominique =] [Sunday
3:31pm August 29th]
tell me ur name love and i'll tell u what i honestly think about u. no lies. xox <3 sarah
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12:40pm August 29th]
dont feel like typing . mikeys last night . fun . school tomorrow . yay . waking up early tomorrow . ughh
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